Special Fresh and Live Grilled Seafood with bumbu Bali


About Us

Baliku Cafe

Baliku Cafe opened in 1 October 2007 in Kedonganan Beach
Jimbaran Bay. It began as three permanent outdoor tables sheltered under
umbrella style roofing made from coconut palms. The cooking area (two halved
steel drums filled with coconut husks) stood opposite the reception area, a
room whose walls were constructed from woven palm leaves.

A lone western toilet stood facing a white sandy beach over which the sun
would fall each evening bidding farewell with an amazing sunset. An indication
that in time, Baliku Cafe would grow to offer guests an incredible dining
experience, sheltered in stars, candlelight and the aromas of delicious flame
grilled seafood.

Through the co-operation of both local and western management, Baliku
has grown to become one of Jimbaran Bays most popular dining

Teak furniture table settings occupy a stylish restaurant interior. An
attractive open bar and cashier station created from sandstone tiling adds warm
hues to the burgundy & plum interior.

The dining area is furnished with surround sound entertainment facilities
and overlooks the shoreline of Jimbaran Bay through large bay windows. A warm
comfortable ambience is created from seductive electrical lighting mingled with

The cooking area has expanded to better accommodate the preparation of fresh
local seafood chosen from iced storage boxes or water-filled tanks housing live
produce. Modern refrigeration units safeguarded by a generator, ensure that all
produce for sale is stored at appropriate temperatures in a hygienic

The outdoor seating facilities cater for approximately 200 guests. All
tables are placed on the sand, meters from the ocean under open skies.

Balmy evenings are cooled by light ocean breezes or with the assistance of
ceiling fans indoors. Throughout the day, sun lounges sheltered under cream
umbrella canvases invite guests to enjoy an afternoon basking safely in the
tropical heat.

The bar stocks a large range of beverage selections including a modest
Australian and Chilin wine list. A large number of cocktails are available in
addition to basic spirit varieties and extremely cold beer. Western toilet
facilities ensure that your time spent at Baliku Cafe is memorable for all the
right reasons!

Baliku Cafe offers a credit card payment service for Visa, Master card
credit cards holders. A return transport service from hotel to restaurant is
also available with our compliments for Tuban, Kuta, Legian, Jimbaran Hotel Area.